Older Adults


Important Information

Older Adult courses are primarily for students over 55 years of age. However, these classes are open to all Adult students (subject to availability).


Health & Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness courses are designed to improve mental skills and enrich life through fine arts and self expression.


Music: Solo Singing

Do you love singing and enjoy performing? Would you like to fine-tune your abilities and increase your creative expression? This is the class for you! Learn new skills that help to improve your performance and develop your style in a supportive enviornment.

Caregiver Lecture Series: Caring for Someone with Dementia

This lecture series focuses on caring for a family member or client with memory impairment or dementia. Learn about causes and treatment plans. Discover community resources and strategies for home care. Explore programs and facilities designed for caring for someone with memory impairment. The latest research and care techniques will be examined in providing the best care. A certificate of completion is awarded. Speakers with expertise will present. *Co-sponsored by the Advantage Program, Torrance Memorial Medical Center.

Memory Enhancement/Brain Games

Improve your memory skills in a fun setting! Learn mental exercises and games designed to challenge your mind. Discover tricks to improve long and short-term memory. Find out the differences between forgetfulness and real memory loss. Explore creativity and the right brain connection. Learn tools to develop a healthy lifestyle that enhances your mental fitness. *Co-sponsored by the Advantage Program, Torrance Memorial Medical Center.


Physical Fitness

These courses are designed to improve skills in balance, strength, flexibility, and agility. Physical Fitness classes are designed with the following levels of difficulty:

(*) Beginning Level- No previous experience required.

(**)Intermediate Level-Previous experience or ability is recommended.


If you have questions please call: (310) 533-4689 ext. 8393.*Some classes are offered in collaboration with the City of Torrance Parks and Recreation Community Services.


Low-Impact Aerobics (**)

This low-impact aerobic class emphasizes a warm-up, light aerobics, stretching, balance, and strength building. Exercises are done standing and seated with some floor work. Students should be able to stand and sit without assistance. Bring mat and weights.

Muscle Strenghtening (**)

Learn safe and proper techniques for upper and lower body strengthen the back, assist with balance, and avoid bone loss. Students use free weights, elastic bands, and other equipment to enhance strength building. A chair aerobic routine is included.

Fitness Difference for Seniors (**)

Join the fun! Class emphasizes movements for particular areas of the body. Exercises include strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, coordination, and body mechanics. Friday class features partner exercise, dancing, and more! Bring hand weights and a mat.

T'ai Chi-Qi Gong (*)-Level 1

Increase your strength, endurance, balance, and stress resilience. Learn various ancient Chinese Qi Gong exercises and the first part of the T'ai Chi Chu'an long form. Students must be able to stand throughout the class. Wear athletic shoes with a low grip.

T'ai Chi-Qi Gong (**)-Level 2

The Level 2 class is open to students who have taken the Level 1 Beginning class and are interested in continuing their practice of Qi Gong and T'ai Chi Chu'an Short Form. The class is designed to improve strength, balance, focus, and relaxation. Students are supported in cultivating life forece energy and incresing the flow of "chi" throughout the body. New postures will be added to the Yang Style Short Form sequence. Previously learned postures will be refined and reviewed. Students will be standing throughout the class. Wear low-grip shoes.

T'ai Chi-QI Gong (**+)-Level 3 Intermediate

The Level 3 class is for students who have completed the Level 2 Intermediate class and are interested in continuing their practice of Qi Gong and T'ai Chi Chu'an. Students will deepen their skills in cultivating life forces energy and increasing the flow of "chi" throughout the body. The T'ai Chi Chu'an Short Form will be reviewed. New postures of the Yang Style Long Form will be introduced and practiced.

T'ai Chi-QI Gong (***)- Level 4 Advanced

The Advanced Level 4 class is for students who have completed the Level 3 Intermediate class and are interested in mastering various forms of Yang Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan and continuing their Qi Gong practice. Students will be supported in deepening their skills in cultivating life force energy and increasing the flow of "chi" throughout the body. Attention will be given to continous refinement of the Yang Style Short Form, Long Form and Fast Forms.

Fall Prevention & Balance Improvement (*)

Bump up your balance and prevent falls! This class is designed to reduce your risk of falling by helping you become physically aware and mentally alert. Learn home and enviornment safety techniques. We will assess risk factors such as poor posture, eye sight and medication effects. Develop physical preparedness through the ABC's-agility, balance, and coordination. Add strength, flexibility, and endurance to lower your risk. Feel more secure and confident in navigating your enviornment. Bring a mat.

Cardio Salsa! (*)- Beginning

Cardio + Salsa + Merengue + Line Dancing = Fun! Learn the popular dances in the Latin beat. Add line dancing and swing and you have a dynamic cardio workout! Stretching and cool down exercises are included. Wear comfortable shoes for dancing.

Cardio Salsa! (**)-Intermediate

Engage in an aerobic workout while learning new dance steps and routines for physical fitness and performance. Learn the latest Latin dances: Salsa, Cha-Cha, Merengue, and Bachata. Update your Western Line-Dance routines, swing, and ballroom dance steps. This class is for those who have taken beginning Cardio Salsa or who have some experience in Latin or ballroom dance. Partners are not necessary. Warm-up and cool-down stretches are included. Wear comfortable shoes for dancing.


Yoga & Chair Exercises

We offer Yoga classes designed to fit the needs of students at various levels. The Chair Yoga classes are for those who need the stretching and strengthening, but do not want a floor exercise. In the Gentle, Beginning, and Intermediate classes, students must be able to maneuver from the floor to a sitting or standing position without assistance. Mats are required.


Yoga-Gentle Yoga (*)

Yoga brings mind, body, and spirit together as one. Students learn basic postures for strength and agility. Gentle stretching exercises are included for building flexibiity. Breathing and relaxation techniques help improve focus and concentration.


Yoga- Level 1

Students learn classic yoga positions (asanas) with varying levels of difficulty. The focus is to continue to build balance, strength, and agility. Relaxation and breathing techniques are included.


Yoga- Level 2

This class is for students who have had previous training in yoga. It includes a progression of classic positions that may increase in difficulty to develop strength, stamina, and flexibility. Relaxation and breathing techniques are included.


Chair Yoga (*)

Get the benefits of yoga in a class designed just for you. Yoga fitness exercises will be adapted to a seated position in a chair. Breathing, stretching, and relaxation techniques will be included. Gain greater flexibility, strength, and confidence from this new approach to the ancient science of yoga. Primarily seated exercises. Standing exercises are optional.


Chair Exercise (*)

A great class for beginners! Cardiovascular exercises are done seated although some standing is done for increased toning and strength building. Students will learn how to use weights, exercise bands and other props to improve muscle tone and flexibility. Students should be able to sit and stand unassisted. Get a fun work-out while maintaining good health.